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Tour de Suisse stage 7: Savognin - Wetzikon 204.1km

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auscyclefan94 said:
They can't have HC climbs every day!

Having some stages for roleurs is exciting to watch.

You are missing the point. EVERY day has had a third cat climb, at more or less the same point, bar yesterday.
No variety and it's got nothing to do with BMC looking like they might take the stage.

I picked LuLu for today's stage and look who is using his trialing skill to bridge across.;)
Mar 11, 2009
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Burghardt's advantage is growing again. If the chase doesn't start sorting themselves out soon then he isn't going to be caught.


Apr 28, 2010
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Nice team-work by BMC, Evans could have used some of this. It really looks like BMC is getting stronger the longer the season goes on