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Tour du Rwanda 2024, February 18-25

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Now I wish the TTT had actually counted for individual GC. Race would almost have been over.
He is decently fast, no doubt. He has a punch too, but please let's not take the bunchsprints in this race serious. He was literally 7 bikelenghts behind the great Eimar Einhorn, who was basically the only so called sprinter in that whole group.

But yes, without bad luck or crazy tactics (Total has the numbers) he should win this race.
It wanst really a bunch sprint. Froome dropped most of the pure sprinters, except the one of his team, who actually won.
Did Froome pulled in the peloton?
Read what the winner said about Froome yesterday, I puta It some post before...he catched the break and he contributed most of the sprinters got dropped. Of course he oull the pelotón, as usually, as well his team mate Sayib and another, but from today the team will work for the 2 British rider for a good GC...yesterday Itamar had a good oportunity to get the stage, and the team had to do the work, despiste just 5 riders for team and the route was quite hard at the end.
Is tomorrow's climb big enough to make a difference?


Yeah, based on the quality of the riders here I would think that the better ones will go for it. Could still be there are 10-20 people that finish together
It counts as a bunch sprint when more than half of the riders reach the finish together in a race where the field is below par.
You can call it a bunch sprint and technically It was, but to analyze the stage you have to take into account most of pure sprinters got dropped so It was no a typical bunch sprint becouse the stage was quite hard, so people no sperinters, but good riders in good shape got managed to be at the front.
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About 1 hour to go for today. QS are always at the front pulling the peloton.

What a pity that with just a team working and just 5 riders per team no more attacks...but surely have been in the last climb, today is one of the harder stages of the race. It must be finish already...

I edit after see the winner...last climb has to be nice, but It was a stage to make hard from the begining...I dont know if the Soudal pace was droping people or no...No surprised with the winner...He and Lecerf are the stronger Riders, but the ITT will be decissive, and there are as well anther riders with possibilities in GC
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