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Tour du Rwanda 2024, February 18-25

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Would any of the big names go to Rwanda for an 8-day race? 4 or 5-day race maybe.
Yes and no, if the start money was good enough certainly some teams would participate, but with the extremely poor timing, you see abbreviated squad going to Australia, expensive and logistics are complicated. Don't know much about air travel and support infrastructure in Rwanda.. If you have good start money and hotel, rental vehicle compensation teams would go.. You hear the same about China and Taiwan scheduled events.. They want them but you need to be flexible @ 5-10 day races need advanced recon just to get bikes and support set up and most riders want a few days in front, don't want lag legs from sitting in airports and planes. Current Rwanda race is at a terrible time in the schedule in my opinion..
Turns out, Lecerf, 2nd in the TT, also rode on a TT bike.

Only Latour rode on a normal bike out of the top 5 that day. And some of them even said it was a clear benefit cause it had some flatter parts in it where you really could get upto speed thanks to the TT bike.

On the other hand, those 3 behind Latour also seemed the strongest in the race so not sure if it actually mattered.