Tour of Denmark 2021 (10th to 14th of August)

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This stage is also going through some of the flattest parts of the country. The organisers were clearly hoping there'd be echelons, but that sadly wasn't the case today.

Well, there's nothing wrong with being flat, I'd love cycling in Denmark!
Well, we already know you aren't as strong and fast as you used to be :D

Lund and Larsen are clearly enjoying not having to ride 60-70 km/h for once.
What about Berg en Dal? ;)

Maybe we have different definitions of flat, the overall amount of height meters vs. the "highest" spots.
Of course, it depends on the perspective. If it was in Tdf, most stages in Denmark would be called "flat". But you compared it to the Netherlands, and in the Netherlands there are big areas lying below sea level, to a much larger extent than in Denmark.
Wait, Atlantic Europe - does that exist or did you just invent that term?

Britain ain't Europe anymore, by the way. :p
Britain ain't European Union but still makes Europe. :p

It wasn't me who made Atlantic Europe up... it's one of the numerous classifications. That's why every sorting is relative.
... just like Balkans, Southeastern Europe, etc. discussed earlier this summer.