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Tour of Slovenia 2023, June 14 - June 18

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I am far from convinced that groenwegen will make the final if the small climbs at the backend of the course are ridden hard. Jayco may rely on Mezgec.
yeah, Mezgec himself also said that he expects a 50-60 men sprint only. The run-in today is more difficult than in the past years, more like 2019 (when it was exactly that, ~50 men sprint).

But Bahrain brought Bauhaus, so they are in the similar boat, and not really interested in making the race hard. UAE neither, with Molano just returning from injury. That could help, of course.
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Congratulations to Dylan Groenewegen for winning the sprint.

Always nice to see such calibers as Groenewegen and Bauhaus fighting it out on Slovenian roads. Broadcasted on the Eurosport.

I am still a bit exhausted from Giro and just to be on the safe side do train a bit for the Tour. Will hence be a casual observer of this race. The stage with Kolovrat, that i will pay more attention to.
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Some pics