Tour of Utah 2019, August 12 - August 18


The hardest race in the USA they say, high altitude mountain racing.


Live video stream available on Eurosport or via the Tour Tracker (might be US restricted):

Amazing route, too bad the race is pretty badly placed in order to attract a better field. I really like this race, its always pretty good.

Maybe they have trouble finding flat roads in Utah ? I think you are right, the race is awkwardly placed on the calendar but also not the easiest race to see live coverage of. I have tried in the past without much luck.
Yeah, probably, if he's in good shape he should be the big favourite.
Pretty poor team by Trek. Of course Ciccone and Mollema are both tired after riding Giro-Tour and Donostia, but there is no reason why Porte couldn't show up here for the main sponsor instead of doing a stupid Everest challenge.
exactly my thoughts. Really underwhelming for an american registered team.