Tour of Utah 2019, August 12 - August 18

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Wow - I didn't realize Craddock has 0 career victories!!! With this weak startlist he should be able to win. Otherwise I'm curies to see how far Joao Almeida can go. He was super strong last year and this is probably his highlight of the year. Any idea if he turns pro?
I don't agree with the assesment that Craddock should be able to win. The starlist might not be strong but we have a very hard climb today and he is not a typical climber. I think he has only one top5 finish on a hard mountain stage throughout all of his pro career. If anything, I would tip Dombrowski among the EF guys. But I don't rate EF chances as a team very high either. Pretty much every stage is hilly and they only have 5 riders. They won't be able to control it. It kind of sucks for them that they took the lead but no stage win. They might end up with nothing.
Wow. That's a hard mountain. Pity the start list for the race. But sometimes lesser start list riders make for more fun races.
Yeah that's true, with big teams and big riders stages like today would be controlled up until the last kms which makes an exciting stage boring. I hope we'll see some new emerging talents like last year with Sepp Kuss.