Tour of Utah 2019, August 12 - August 18

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For some reason, I can't wrap my head around these pros cycling through residential areas. Most races that goes through towns, they go through the downtown area and you don't see too many personal residences.
Good race. It's nice, but kind of funny to me.
I dunno, seems to me as a Canadian, euro races are very often going through towns and past houses. Just the houses in Europe look nothing like the crazy McMansions in the US!!
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So today is the queen stage? Can't see much change in the GC to be honest. Hermans, Piccoli and Eg (in this order) are the three best climbers in the race. It doesn't matter that they can isolate Hermans on the Empire Pass, because he is just going to counter any attacks himself.

But it has been an interesting race nonetheless. The desolate routes that they are riding (just take the gravel road up to the Olympic Park yesterday as an example) mixed with the occasional cross into residential areas and the selectiveness in GC has made it quite epic to watch unlike many modern stage races. There is something inherently misplaced about the race that I enjoy.