Teams & Riders Transfers and Rumours 2020-2021

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PR depts didn't work during the weekend and just had their first coffees.

Politt to Bora confirmed.

Are there any rumours about incoming transfers for Mitchelton?
Expect one rider to be the current under 23 RR champion Jarrad Drizners who is very talented - He will be a Michael Matthews type rider - MS sad to lose Affini who they rate highly - Anyway expect a few changes with the turmoil surrounding the team ownership.
Bettiol extendts with EF but it seems just like one year extension? Also their got his age wrong on their own website. :p

Jesus wept, ISN is trying to steal Dimension Data's thunder as the prime horder of past-their-prime talent. At least they're bringing them together from different sources, rather than attempting a reunion of a team that dominated a decade ago.
Israel has a few good young riders. Zabel Wurtz Piccoli Neilandts etc, and Impey is still very strong. for now 19 rider signed for 2021. we´re in for a few more surprises
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