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Tyler talks hematocrit?

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Sep 29, 2012
DominicDecoco said:
Dear Wiggo, I just want to let you know what kind of logic you are up against here:

If you can't be bothered watching 9 minutes of pure nonsense, here is a short summary

- There is and never has been a clean top athlete
- Lance is not cheating
- It's a level-played field
- Waste of tax payers money
- Lance has done such good for cycling in general
- Lance passed over 500 tests
- USADA are ****ed because he managed to pass these 500 tests

I've seen a couple of your videos DurianRider and I'm surprised that you didn't end this one by showing that you have a stomach and that you have girlfriend..

Ok I was concerned with the focus on increasing Hct / Hgb, when decreasing is also possible - guessing he was a True Believer.

Now that you have confirmed it - I will drop this. I was going to mention that his avatar is decidedly narcissistic and repulsive, but given who his hero is and his hero's nature, it kinda fits like a glove.

Peace out, DurianRider.
I debunked your claims DW. Except for the fact that its possible athletes have to sit 10mins prior testing.

So can anyone explain who WADA etc differentiate raise in hb/hct via EPO etc instead of it just being down to dehydration?

FTR I believe 100% of the swimming, running WR's are hot sauce assisted. Same with the last 40 TDF wins.

Im just trying to better understand hct and hb levels and how testers can determine which is which. Right now it seems like they can't hence the tests for EPO etc. (which Ferrari has taught how to avoid anyway via micro dosing IV style and doing saline drips to lower hct and hb.
May 26, 2009
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Tyler'sTwin said:
I didn't realize that dehydration decreases retics by 50%. :confused:

Don't try to misslead Durianrider with these explanations. He clearly is not interested in a real answer.

Of course dehydration is easily recognized by mineral levels, but Durianrider simply wants to smear dope testing and thus keep his belief in his idol Lance.