UAE Tour 2021, February 21 - February 27

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The second section? Have you seen the shape of the route?
Yes it does look like a child's drawing, I was going off what CN were reporting, to be fair I think the map makes it look a bit sillier than it is in reality

11:29:02 GMT

There is some wind out there and if that's picked up it could be why some of these riders have struggled in the second half of the TT. Could Ganna predicted win be in some doubt?

Looks like he will probably still win, -7 down
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Jan 8, 2020
For all the doom & gloom about the race being over I think this'll still be a fun week to watch. Hopefully we will still have a who's who head-to-head sprint finish, a different dynamic to usual on the MTFs with guys out of GC, and as long as Almeida is close to Tadej you can be sure Quickstep will try everywhere to catch him out.
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