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UAE Tour 2024, February 19-25

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Would you mind linking or citing the rule in question regarding wins?

When I check the UCI website, I can only find what points a team has scored (Quick-Step's points tally), not its number of wins.

The rules also only mention points:

If anything, the tie-breaker indicates that those wins count for the WT team:
So, Lecerf being a member of the proteam Soudal-Quickstep (I checked it on the website of Soudal-Quickstep), but this race participating to devoteam of Soudal-Quickstep (after already participating in races as a "pro" within the Soudal-Quickstepteam) is considered as a pro by UCI. The UCI-points are counting for the rider as well for the proteam. I guess it's the same with the victorys. So, 10 victorys for Soudal-Quickstep at this time.
Let's calm down haha. He definitely ain't winning. A top 3 would be insane, and I don't believe in that either. It's not like he has ever proven to be top in a WT stage race.

The boni's were welcome tho. He now doesn't have to drop Valter and Storer anymore to get top 10.
He is improved and looked like one of the best climbers in this race and can be the best at Hafeet. He is young, he doesn't need to be 'proven' to score top-3 here and maybe surprise everybody with better result, that's what great talent do early in the breakout season.

I didn't tell he will win, chances are slight even for top-3, but his climbing form is impressive in the early season
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Cav ran out of steam 500 metres from the line.
My guess is he could have kept going and maybe finished ~7-10th...

but seems like when Kooij blew past him when Cav was probably already maxed out and knew had some way still to go? He just sat up as knew that even a podium was not on the cards.

He will probably win a few more races this year, maybe even a GT stage, but he just can't compete with Philipsen, Kooij and a few of the other sprinters at the absolute top in a straight drag...

good 2nd tier sprinter still but needs more technical finishes to be able to compete amongst the very best.

Giro stage 21 2023
Milan-Torino 2022
Giro stage 3 2022
UAE stage 2 2022

Biggest 4 wins for Cav in last 2 years really... 3/4 had corners/curves ~250-400m from the finish... and all kind of "technical" last few kms. In those situations can use his positioning and "smarts" to bring the pure power gap back vs the top guys.
So LVE jumped to the 9th overall with 6 sec bonus. Probably will jump Carr and Foss on sunday as well, has a shot at top-3 too, need collapse of Vine and O`Connor to win.
His form is great so far, but he doesn't just have to hope for both O'Connor and Vine to blow up, but then he also needs to drop Van Wilder, Poole and Bilbao. I rate all three of them higher (so far) as far as pure climbing goes, but Van Eetvelt has shown great form this early. But hoping for all 5 of those riders to be MIA on Jebel Hafeet seems more like wishful thinking.