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UAE Tour 2024, February 8-11 (women's)

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Maybe Bradbury should have attacked a little earlier, but you can't blame her for waiting, considering she's usually not part of these finals. Another great ride by Bunel, too. Rooijakkers is alive as well, and I assume she will have been one of the fastest in the final part of the climb, as she probably started it in a horrible position. A bad day for UAE.
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Teams are learning to play poker with SD Worx. You make SD Worx do all the work in races and you back this up with trying to get riders in the break.

Noticed that nearly the whole Liv Jayco team crashed in the last 200 metres - The team will be hoping that Garcia is OK because she due to ride the Setmana Femeinina starting on Thursday.
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A worthy stage today, and a great win in the end. SD Worx not having it all their way.