UCI jury again ridicolous

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Sep 25, 2009
JibberJim said:
I think the problem for Gesink was that he got dropped by the large chase group once it formed, and was penalised for the drafting he did after that. So he wasn't dropped from the crash and given a little leeway to draft to get back to a group, he was straight out dropped after getting back to the group that had no more cars to draft.
Not really the group he was in was seen drafting after he got dropped. So it was the other way around, the big group drafting a car was allowed but gesink wasn't.
Jun 4, 2011
This is totally ridiculous, Gesink was dropped from Schleck group, because at the head of the group they were drafting, and he is the one that got penalyzed.
If i were Rabo team manager i would threat to leave the race if they don't change this.