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UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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Lots of racing over the weekend, with some interesting results. The focus now moves onto the next two weekends, and the World Cups in Albstadt & Nove Mesto.

Looks like Koreztky is back from riding on the road, and he did win in Albstadt last year.

There was an interesting post from Tom Pidcock yesterday on instagram, showing his MTB, and a "MTB soon" caption - maybe he'll be back sooner than we thought.
Since Pidders definitely isn't riding the Giro... we might indeed see him in Albstadt or Nove Mesto.

Another CX rider Dan Soete wanting to go the Olympics on the MTB....
Some good racing, quite tactical, and sets it up nicely for Sunday. Mona made another poor start, she doesn't seem to have much explosivity at all, and just goes backwards. But, we knew that from last year in the U23.

McConnell looks in fabulous form, and looks to go well on Sunday, as does PF-P and Neff.

Fabulous to see Gaze win, I would think if he can finish inside the top 10 on Sunday that would be a good result. Nino looks strong again, and Sarrou is good at climbing courses. I wouldn't rule Pidcock out either; looked good until the slide out on the penultimate lap.
I would love to see this TP vs. prime N1no.
In terms of MTB, I think prime Julian Absalon was even better than Nino (prime) and the type of hilly Albstadt course yesterday is where Julian used to put minutes into the opposition.

Then again, I used to think Bruce Lee would whoop Cassius Clay until I watched Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' :)
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Well, it's round 3, and Nove Mesto na Morave - a XC Classic. Roots, rocks, climbs, it has it all.

Short Track tonight.

Will McConnell keep up her good form? How many places will Mona lose at the start? Have the Trek girls improved after illness, and the last race. Will PF-P once again show how to race a XCC, by hiding mid pack until the last lap.

As for the men's - Gaze won the XCC here in 2018, beating his now team mate, MvdP, and looks better suited to the XCC at the moment. You can never rule Avancini out of a XCC, and obviously, Pidcock, who was beaten in a photo finish last year when stuck in the wrong gear.
Some very fast and tactical racing tonight.
Nice to see Jolanda back to form with a win ahead of McConnell, who takes over the XCC lead from PF-P who snapped her chain.

And an impressive performance from Luca Schwarzbauer who blew everybody away on the last lap; a good 2nd from Pidcock who lost his position somewhere around the penultimate lap.
Schwarzbauer was amazeballs
Yesterday's XCC was fun to watch and it was great to see big guy Schwarzbauer take it with the mega attack.

On a tangent, does anyone know what's happening with Gerhard Kerschbaumer? In 2018/19 he was really on the rise. Now he seems way off the pace. He "looks" like he's beefier (more muscular), but that could be just my eyes. Not sure if he's been injured, sick, training less, other commitments, etc.
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Would love to know how much power he put out - that was seriously impressive, after leading everybody out.

Funny you say that about Kerschbaumer, I thought that too. He used to look like a climber, tall, slim - now he looks bulked up.

Racing today in the U23 saw the same winners as the two previous races; Martin Vidaurre & Line Burquier, who beat Puck Pieterse again.
It sounds like a great race (still can't watch it;()! Pidcock is good, big talent. GREAT race by Dascalu and N1no coming back after having a flat.

RMc again! Battle for the other steps!
I missed the elite women's race but in the men's, Tom was fortunate that Nino flatted today after looking arguably the strongest in the race. I couldn't help but notice that Tom wouldn't say to the interviewer why his bike was malfunctioning. Very classy not blaming the supplier... Gaviria take note :)
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