UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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:blush::laughing: Sorry. You're right of course! It was such an instantly forgettable race (women's) I got the two confused. Remember being surprised at how much Ned seem to know about the 9 riders who took part.
Ha, I remember him saying he was glad it was such a small field because it gave him time to research everybody as he hadn't done MTB before. He also had to cope with Rochelle Gilmore.

Pidcock always seems to race steady at the start and attacking around half way. Nobody seems to be able to combat it.
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Considering he's good at peaking for the big occasion, one assumes he'll be better next week. This was the warm up.....
TBF it would somewhat suck if he wins next week (although I expect he likely will). I have multiple reasons for thinking this, which range from how much he does not tend to race MTB (and I guess what that in extension says about the rest of the field), to my other assumptions about him. This said, it is not like it's a big negative from me if we wins, I just would love to see a few other folks take the W.
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Last year RedBullTV had a Worlds broadcast for selected countries but this year they don't have the event listed. I'm not sure if that's because its georestricted on my territory or because they won't show it anywhere. Anyone knows with certainty?