UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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Here's a sample of the course of the European Urban MTB Championships.

After the dreadful road race, it seems the MTB will have a very bland course too. Just like 2018 where the Glasgow course was very tame too. This multievent championships just make me wish next year can't come soon enough so at least we can have proper tracks and not ones where it's most important to arrange something just to be in the host city. At least it seems they are going to Fort William to host the XCO too next year in the Worlds, from what I could find.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsFk5ylOauQ
Its tough to build a solid XC in a city park.
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Finally, a XCO course that I could ride. This is inclusivity.

First the UEC introduced parity between men and women in TT distance, now they introduce parity in technical ability between professional riders and average joes who just took their first MTB from the shop.

View: https://youtu.be/nurSHu8PN3g
yep... it's a similar disgrace as it was last year. especially in the contrast of how awesome and diverse the WC courses are.
anyway no Carod, Sarrou and obviously Flückiger from provisional.

So who can rival Pidcock? Colombo and Forster? Schwarzbauer should go well. Fini Carstensen? I'm not sure it's a course for De Froidmont and Cink. Are Kerschbaumer and Andreassen ok? Probably not. Koretzky? Dubau could go well.
Interested to see how Daan Soete goes.
Pidcock starts at 36, so won't immediately get to the front, it looks quite narrow in places. It will be interesting to see how his form is - and where others are, with the Worlds next week.

As for Mathias, it's 'lucky' that MTB is still under-reported in the main cycling media...
might be a blessing and a curse at the same time... as this PED abuse could be the single major mtb "news" from all the season long amazing racing... :(
guy (bbc) has zero idea about world class xco racing obviously. calling this very hard and technical course... hope he isn't one to cover the next wc season. he's a joke.
That's Rob Hatch, Eurosport's main commentator for the road cycling these days. He also did the Commomwealth Games MTB for the BBC, and was a lot more listenable than he is for GTs etc. Could have done without the comment about how 'spectacular' the course is, but he does seem to have a fair bit of knowledge about the sport, or at least, the riders. He also takes over commentary from Marty in CX at the business end the season, so seems popular at Discovery. Probably the most likely candidate to take over next season? Of course, I'd prefer Rob and Bart!