UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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I hope Red Bull goes for their own series. I don't think downhill is so attached to the UCI brand as say XCO or road cycling.

If Red Bull can create a new series maintaining the essence of the sport (and the fans prefer that one) the big brands and riders will flock to the series with more exposure.
It's certainly possible - and there is a precedent. In motorcycle Enduro, there are now two World Championships; EnduroGP and Hard Enduro. The latter only gained full World Championship status last year; before that we had a series of mainly Red Bull sponsored events that made up the WESS...However, with coverage on Red Bull TV, it was far better than the established EnduroGP series. In fact, Rob Warner was on the coverage of last month's RB Erzbergrodeo.....

It's not beyond the realms of possibility that we eventually get a RB Hardline World Cup......
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It was a strange one, as he only saw the end of the accident, and him flying through the air, minus his bike; On RBTV they summised he caught his bars on the bridge...
He looked pretty banged up, and his helmet did it's job; I do wonder whether he should race today....but one expects he will.
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Commonwealth Games XC MTB races, at Cannock Chase today; looks like pretty small fields with it being between the two North America World Cups......
However Sam Gaze should be favourite to defend his title, and women's XCO World Champion Evie Richards continues her comeback.
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