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UCI MTB World Cup (All forms!)

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2023 UCI World Cup final dates have been announced today.

In another new case of UCI going full bananas, the UCI XCM World Cups will be held in the same venues and dates as the XCO rounds. Great way to make sure that no one challenges for both World Cup overalls.

I like to see every bit of live feeds we have but I'm getting fearful that we will have too much MTB to see for two little time. I mean, 4 minute runs for 40 riders will give close to 3h30 of feed just for the Downhill finals. We add another 1h30 for both XCO, 50 mins for XCC, at least 1h for DH qualifying, plus Enduro and XCM, we will end with close to 10h, if not more, per weekend in some cases.
National and International Federations are money grabbers, just waiting to cash in the teams and athletes efforts, with very little of that increase given back to promote the sport. Not just in cycling, but in general sports.

In my sport (not cycling), the national federations also increased costs this season by more than 100% year-in-year in some cases, without any justified reason, and letting the teams know only 5 days before the two-week period the teams have to register their athletes. What that increase will give? Apparently little as they didn't send an elite team to this year's european cross-country championships due to budget constraints.
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The lack of prize money isn't a massive surprise; the issue is where is it supposed to come from? There are no massive TV deals, and very few major sponsorship deals - unlike the big money sports.
Maybe increased exposure will help bring in new, bigger deals.

What's the share of the prize money in the total expenses of a season of World Cup racing? Honest question, no idea about that.

We already know that they are increasing their revenue via increased registration costs, maybe a better package with Discovery opposed to Red Bull Media House and at the same time they are diminshing their fixed costs as most of the venues are now shared between Enduro, XCO and XCM.
From instagram, Lars Forster is leaving Scott-Sram.........And as is common in MTB, no mention of where he is going.

I saw some rumours about being Thömus. But that was before Flüeckiger was absolved. I don't know if that brand has some presence outside Switzerland or if they sell many bikes (as I have only seen Thömus bikes on World Cup races - on that team) but can they afford Flüeckiger, Vital Albin, Forster and Alessandra Keller?
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And more news; as per instagram, Anne Tauber is leaving Bart's team....no mention of her new team.

My bet: she will ride in an Orbea bike in 2023, probably in Orbea Factory Team. They have been teasing big announcements on their social media in the most recent days.

They had Isla Short as a rider of their team in 2021 but it didn't went very well since I think she rode a few races by her national team and next year she put together her own set-up with Juliana. But since KMC has rumoured to have switched from Orbea to Lapierre, the brand needs a team to showcase their bikes, as their domestic competitors (BH, Mondraker, MMR) have all solid teams.
Only recently have Orbea dropped their current non racing riders; now it makes sense, to have a racing team.
Yes, Bart's team will be sponsored by KMC, riding Ridley bikes. And I recall a rumour that KMC-Orbea will switch to Lapierre, and Annie Last will be one of the riders - and Isla Short will move to Ghost.
Chiara Teocchi is off Trinity Racing to elsewhere; not a total surprise, as they are really an U23/development team; Cam Mason is the last of the original riders still there; I guess he'll be off in the next year.

Still lots of announcements to be made; Specialized, Avancini, Sarrou, etc
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