UCI putting their foot in it

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As suggested:

Benotti69 said:
sniper said:
Other relevant facts:

1. Since they had accepted the backdated TUE in 1999, the UCI knew in 2001 that LA was doping. They consequently must have been smart enough to understand that any value between 70-80% in Lance's peepee in 2001/2 was due to EPO.

2. Remember McQuaid recently stating that the Sysmex machine cannot be seen by journalists in order not to inform dopers too much about the techniques used by the anti-doping lab?
How does that match up with Saugy's claim that all cyclists have/had the right to be informed about the lab's techniques?

you need to stick this post in the 'UCi foot in mouth' thread....it's a classic.
Dr. Maserati said:
... according to Sysmex in a press release at the time it was this one:

Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; President: Hisashi Ietsugu) announced Automated Hematology Analyzer XE-2100 (hereinafter referred to as XE-2100) that Sysmex be associated with the manufacture, sale, distribution or marketing, was used in doping tests during the Tour de France 2005 cycling road race, one of the three largest sporting events in the world. This distinction follows closely on the heels of this product's adoption for the 2004 Athens Olympics. The introduction of the XE-2100 to the Tour de France was made possible by a financial donation to the International Cycling Union (UCI) from Lance Armstrong, a great American cyclist, who has been concerned about the increasing number of doping offenders in his sport. Incidentally, Mr. Armstrong won an unprecedented seventh consecutive victory in this year's race.
Yup, caught in another lie.

From another thread:

Mrs John Murphy said:
-----------------------Explains why most of the media is too *****whipped to ask serious question.

Asking too many questions about doping means you get excluded. If I were ARD I'd wear it as a badge of honour.


Straight out of the Armstrong playbook of excluding anyone who doesn't sing from the correct hymsheet.
And here the Germans probably thought that they were just being 'on message' since all the UCI has produced consistently since Festina is 'doping, doping, and more doping'.

The UCI indicated that it was tired of the German networks' one-sided coverage. “Every year the German networks' agenda is the same: doping, doping and more doping,” UCI spokesman Enrico Carpani said.
Jul 6, 2010
I'm starting to seriously wonder if the UCI and the Lance entourage are having their own stupid contest.

Maybe it's just a continuation of being to make the rules for an entire career and surrounding yourself with sycophants.

Either way, it looks like a draw to me...
And another twist from Germany, also being discussed in a separate thread. Added here to append to the ongoing list:

Weapons of @ss Destruction said:
UCI blacklisting of Germany continues, manifesting itself this time in the MTB discipline, with the Offenberg world cup event (twice recently voted as best stop on the world cup circuit) suddenly left out of the world cup schedule for 2012;


The organizer seems incredulous. Being on the MTB end of things, I wonder if he understands this is likely backlash from the conflict between German media and UCI on the road side? The UCI will make up whatever excuse sounds convenient, of course.