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Jul 23, 2009
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elapid said:
Unfortunately Don Osman later died doing a world-record free fall attempt when his rope broke, but this speed free climbing video of Lover's Leap in Yosemite is both unbelievable and scary.


My God! Rock climbing isn't dangerous enough, free climbing isn't dangerous enough, so now speed free climbing?! I have huge respect (from my couch) for those people who push the limit like that. Too bad about his fall. It looked like he at least lived a full and free life.
Here's why I can't agree with you Cal. You believe what you want to believe on an issue like this, then find exceptions to the vast majority to "prove" you are correct. You have no objectivity, and no open mind on global warming. You think it's entirely a hoax brought on by lunatics and seem to have no concern that pollution causes any problems. I could post link after link after link showing study after study showing some 90% of all scientists from across the spectrum believe GW is real. But even if 99% agreed it was real, you'd find the 1% that disagree, and rest on that.

Do you believe that smoking causes cancer? Even this liberal link says there's no real proof.
Aug 4, 2009
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Can you fit that to your bike.

It would be a great safety device in the tour when you go over the edge.

Why bother the UCI will only ban it.