Uno-X Development weekend - streamed live

The Uno-X Development weekend takes place this weekend, one race each day.

Participating teams are a mix of development teams (Hagens Berman, Lotto U23, SEG) plus the big Danish and Norwegian conti teams (Riwal, UnoX, ColoQuick, Waoo etc.).

Noteworthy riders: Bjerg, Foss, Vermaerke, Mertens, Sleen, Guldhammer, Larsen, Price-Pejtersen, Ziljaard, Hoole

All of the racing is streamed live with English commentary over at FirstCycling - link here.

Friday is an 22 km ITT:

Saturday is a 134.1 hilly circuit around Lillehammer, won by Alexander Kamp last year:

Sunday is perhaps the highlight, Gylne Gutuer with 34 sterrato sections over 173,5 kms - won by Jasper Philpsen last year:
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A group of five with 1 minute with 40 ks to go, Lotto U23 among those chasing. My punt for today is runner up of this year’s U23 Roubaix, Johan Jacobs - moving on to Movistar next year