Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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According to la Gazzetta Ciccone will be his roommate.
Maybe Nibali will tech him to be a bit more tranquillo durning races.
Ten years after in Giro it's Nibali as Basso and Ciccone as Nibali. In Gazzetta he said he's not sure he'll win the Giro but if he's well prepared he will be up there for the win. Also, if I understood correctly he requested a first altitude camp as early as January.
Weird seing him in Trek colours. But excited to see what he can do, he wasn't happy at Bahrain last year and was still pretty good. With the current line-up for the Giro I think he has a good chance to even win it.
The threat to Rohan Dennis

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According to La Gazzetta they already gave him a TT bike to train at home, Bahrain only gave him one shortly before the Giro.
A few other interesting things:
He'll start his season in Algarve because he dislikes having to deal with the jetlag and big temperature differences will make you get sick easier. He has never been at altitude this early and won't do an early recon of the Olympic RR, he'll be traveling to the Olympics early enough, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Also from Gazzetta, Slongo says they'll work on increasing workloads, greater care of explosiveness and maximum strength that, physiologically, are lost a little bit. Work in the gym will also increase throughout the year.

Nibali didn't use disc brakes on his road bike not because he didn't like them, but because of weight issues. In this sense Trek found high performance solutions that convinced him.

"With the way I ride my bike maybe it becomes a bit more 'dangerous' - smiles Nibali - in the sense that the disc brake takes you even more to the limit. But, especially in the wet, it can help you a lot. "
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