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Strange nobody posted this. Its super funny.

Strange nobody posted this. Its super funny.
Someone went into the trophy cabinet while Lo Squalo was away
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"About my ambitions, between the GC and the hunt for the stages, I’ll find out along the way. "
So winning stages at the beginning and winning the gc at the end?
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“My feeling was good; I wanted to do some high-revs to improve my condition. It was the right time to try as it wasn't too far to the finish and Ineos had just finished forcing the pace. Even though I knew the pace was too high to make a difference, I wanted to try.”
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Free to train in TA and free to race in MSR.
It would be nice if he showed some form in TA. I really want him to be up there with the best.

About MSR... I still can't believe he was able to take that victory and that we are still talking about him being a threat in La Classicissima. Of any race in the calendar, this is one of those that suits him the least and yet he was still able to win. And he is still a threat. Not a favourite, but still an outsider.



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