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Can anyone tell me what this article says? Seems rather interesting. Slongo is not his trainer anymore???
Thx in advance.

Edit. Nevermind tuttobici wrote an article on this that i can read and yes seems like slongo is no longer his trainer.
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One is team tactics, Nibali to move on Poggio, Sagan for the sprint (and Nibali didn't pull when Cancellara and Gerrans got back).
The other is just Sagan being Sagan, which really wasn't even a big deal, was just jk on the memory lanes.
Now since nobody really cares about 9 years, let's go all the way to the OG gold! :D
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Nibali targets the most interesting races:
Giro: always the best race and nobody knows who'll win.
OG: great course, can't say who'll win
The other races:
Monuments: MVP/WVA/Ala or their kids (bag)
Tour:pogacar (bag)
Vuelta: who cares (bag)
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