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How long was his solo on the previous day? I think he mostly paid for that having not planned to do that Giro
About 40-45 kms, I think. He took a gap on the Grappa descent almost immediately.

Remember that Ivan was the designed leader. Vincenzo was his lieutenant.

Screw the crashes. I was just starting to believe he is really improving... Tomorrow will be hard. :unamused:
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Tomorrow I'm afraid he's going to lose all the time. But oh well, there are worse fates than riding for Ciccone. He's probably better off trying to recover from wrist pain as much as possible and go for a stage in the Alps.
That's the big unknown. Will he let go or still fight? Don't like the idea of riding for Cico, he needs a new contract and doing gregario duties doesn't help much. He looked pissed after today's stage, usually he needs to get angry at something during the race to get going. Hopefully he'll find an extra motivation to forget the pain and hang on tomorrow.

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Not clearly mentioned so I'd guessed as a rider but it was only briefly mentioned in the LR podcast and they said it was only vague rumors on twitter.

I believe he was just briefly seen talking to Contador but the actual conversation was that they both wanted to relive the glorydays with Astana
Contador, Vino, Nibali, Fugslang, Kreuziger, and bring back Klöden representing Astana
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