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Finally starting to catch my forced attempt at a meme. Also, by sheer accident, it thematically works with your meme (VINcenzO) status in poll games.

I started as quite a fan of his, even if i was really saddened by Ezequiel not winning that Vuelta (i love that name). However Vincenzo was a gutsy rider. Sort of similar to post 2010 Contador. He was often all over the place. If my memory isn't playing any games right now i really liked how he clawed back some lost seconds to pure punch twins Purito and Moreno in the Cordoba 2011 stage with most of Liquigas pulling that 20-30s gap. However, also in 2011 he seemed to show signs of bloated ego and i started to like him less and less. The press mind games also didn't help. I believe his ego bited him in 2019, when i believe he should had won that Giro. Right now i'm indifferent. He gave us some entertaining highs and lows. He has this tendency of suddenly tapping into form to then once again dissapear so he may still have something left in his holster. Maybe this year he'll get an Olympic medal or a rainbow in years to come. But for now, maybe jump into Ciccone's knight as he has a decent chance of possibly even winning the Giro if the cards will turn to his favour.

You are a bit too analytical for the way this thread has been going for the last couple of years. Now it's more like Sergeant Nibali's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Here you can watch, if you understand Italian a talkshow in which Johnny Carrera, Nibali's agent talks about his future. With my beginner level in Italian there are few interesting things to share.

First that his numbers on Teide were very good, he was supposed to fight for the overall. The crash and subsequent stop for 7-10 days brought him down to what we see today.

Then for next contract there are three options, Trek, Astana and one "not quite named but we know which" Belgian team. Obviously he is not disclosing anything. Nibali wants to ride, he wants to have fun and continue, he is not pushing for money.

Interesting interview, thanks for sharing.

The agent said something along the lines of "I can guarantee that his numbers were very, very, very good and that he was going to compete for the win at the Giro". He seemed pretty convinced of it, so if he was lying he did a very good job.

Other than that, I think all of the three options are really good for Vincenzo. Also loved how the idea of him going to Ineos was dismissed after they laughed at his ability to speak English.

Btw, there is a slim chance that he ends up being reunited with Sagan in that certain unnamed Belgian team. That would be pretty cool to see.
Interesting interview in some bits:

The worst moment so far?

"The San Giacomo stage, in Ascoli: there I really feared I would blow up at any moment."

Will we see the real Nibali again before the end of the Giro?

"I have an anger in me that you can't even imagine. Only I know how I had prepared and what I lost with the fracture. What can I say? In every uphill finish I pay in the final 2km, I lack acceleration and explosiveness."

Plan B, at 2'13" from Bernal, is to make yourself available to your Trek Segafredo teammate Giulio Ciccone, fourth at 37".

"As a team we're doing well, Giulio has a great condition but a different role: he's never made the general classification, he remains an unknown. I hope I can guide him in the mountains. I'm suffering like a dog and I'm living day by day, we're halfway through the Giro and I hope my form will improve in view of the Alps. In the meantime, I'm staying there, holding on, you never know what can happen in such a long race."

"The goal is to play it all as Trek and bring something good to Milan. But I'm not putting my ambitions aside: I'm ready to get back in the game."

Where? On the Zoncolan or in the Dolomites with the Coppi peak (Pordoi), Fedaia and Giau?

"It's hard to say right now. But I'll try to leave a mark also on this Giro, my tenth".