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Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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Reminds me of this:

Nibali has impressed, for sure, but his loss of time on Etna was a disaster for his GC. Evidently, with age, he needs to get his engine warmed up. The biggest suprise today was that Landa couldn't keep up after his solid performance on Blockhaus. As for Nibali winning on Tuesday that depends on tomorrow and how he copes with the Mortirolo. I only saw a Carapaz today who could drop everybody on the Mortirolo, but, as with today, there is still another climb, although I think who gets the advantage on Mortirolo will resist till the end.
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"The pace set by the Bora was really very high, it was hot and there was not much time to feed. This made the day really very difficult. I'm satisfied, I was looking for the stage win but I knew it would be difficult, also because I'm not off the GC and I was being watched.

I am really very happy with the reception of the public, from the beginning of the Giro it gives me great strength and I would like to dedicate a stage win to them. But maybe not even a month would be enough to thank everyone. I continue to ride carefree, if I drop one day it's not a problem."
Gasparotto, now DS for Bora says:

"The Shark is doing well and becoming dangerous because he has gained morale. I know him well. Yates they let him go because he is off the GC, Vincenzo on the other hand is not that far away and everyone is afraid of Nibali in the third week. I knew on the Blockhaus he would gain morale (that days Nibali placed 8th at 34" from Hindley, ed.), I know what's in his head."

Let's think about the next one, after today I don't want to think about the leg ache tomorrow. I want to see this Vincenzo. The one who after the race is not angry, who is not mad at anyone. The one that is okay with him, I won't say everything but almost, because today he also got a taste of winning a stage at the Giro after he hadn't been able to do for quite a while."

"Today he was one of the riders who enlivened the race and when we told him to do what we had in mind he did it. When he went on the hard climb, we told him that was the only time to go on Carapaz. He had nothing to lose, he's off the GC, but they wouldn't let him go. Is that normal? I thought he could be given space today, but evidently someone thinks he can get further ahead. In the past few months after Covid I've seen him a bit, uh, bewildered. In my opinion from Messina on I saw a different Vincenzo."