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Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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Anyways, this is what I wanted to see. The Squalo up there or thereabouts, fighting it out with the best, animating a few stages and shredding a couple of descents. A good GC result would be great, a stage win awesome, but in the end, it's a joy just to watch him ride as he used to again.

Grazie Vincenzo, even if you kept me glued to my seat for three hours just to see f*cking Yates get it in the end (sorry Simon, I usually don't mind you, but today I'm salty).
The legs are there to win a stage but it feels like he needs to decide how he wants to do it. If he's not giving up the ghost on GC he's basically saying he has to either win a heads up or trust he gets given freedom at some point (and that Yates isn't sucking along behind)
Yeah, tbh his current position on GC is awful for a stage win. He could demolish a break, but at 3 minutes will never be allowed into one, and on the other hand he's too far to aim for a podium finish (without some serious voodoo along the way).