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Teams & Riders Vincenzo Nibali discussion thread

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On the limit. Torino was an exceptional day, it seems. With the flat first 50 km of stage 19, the best hope now is an attack that is given room on Pordoi.
I'm still expecting a bit more cat/mouse stuff between the front three now Almeida is mostly out the window. A Nibali attack, either long range or at the foot of a final climb, would be allowed space, and so far he's been able to keep within a minute or so on the climbs themselves.
Grinding out a relatively tame 5th place would be a little sad, even if performance wise it's still quite impressive.

Problem is there's no real places to attack without having top dog legs nor does he have a team that can bend reality to Nibali's will and needs.

Even sadder, I think it's also quite likely Bora won't let the stage wins go on stage 19 and 20 cause they'll want bonifications in play.
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Get in the break on Friday and see what happens. We're just one Landismo collpase away from Nibali podiuming the Giro...

Almeida out with Covid? HOLY. CRAP. You must be joking. He's fourth now?

I'm so, so sorry for Joao. But if this isn't the voodoo beginning to work its magic, then I don't know anymore.

I had read your post before seeing the news. Then we truly are just a Landa-touch-of-wheel-with-Bilbao away from the podium.
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Or three more positive Covid tests to win.
No, you need to be a little more creative.

Carapaz will have a mechanical, then mysteriously disappear when trying to overtake the Movistar DS car.
Hindley will decline to put on a rain jacket for the descent due to bad previous experiences and be forced to abandon with hypothermia.
Landa will reach Verona in pink as a result, then take some sleep pills due to the stress of being on course to win something big for the first time ever, fail to wake up in time and arrive at the start ramp 5+ minutes late, Pedro Delgado style, to finish in his trustworthy fourth place.

Nibali will then never know a moment's rest for the rest of his life as voodoo practicioners around the world will stalk him to seek advice.