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Volta a Portugal 2016 (2.1, 27.07./07.08.)

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classicomano said:
For God sakes, someone give W52 a wildcard for the Vuelta. I beg you.
Gots to be ProConti with all that that entails. This ain't 2003 anymore when Milaneza used to go.

I remember Gustavo being a good rider, but he was more of a wiry climber, now he's way more all round than he used to be at Xaco and his explosiveness there was like watching Blanco in about 2008-9 again.
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GuyIncognito said:
trevim said:
GuyIncognito said:
trevim said:
So predictable. I never knew Veloso was that good before he came to Portugal.

Well, he did win Catalunya
From a breakaway right?

Kinda, yes. He won the few seconds he needed after being right in the mix in the mountains

There were hardly mountains. Remi Pauriol would have won if it wasn't for Veloso.
Sep 29, 2013
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This year will be a lot diferent...

There still 4 important stages where you can win or loose time.

I wonder how Rui Vinhas is feeling and how w52 is going to handle with this problem!!!

Rui was very good today, but Gustavo wants to win... What will the director say to the team now...

Should they protect one, or attack and if Gustavo cracks loose a race that looks pretty easy to win now.