Volta ao Algarve May 5-9 2021

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They are going to the Giro with a GC team and as of a few weeks ago Lefevere was saying Hodeg for the sprints. Even if they swap in Ballerini or Cavendish, they dont seem likely to send sprint train guys.
Yes, they have very good team on a paper. But Giro is always decided in tough mountain stages, where I think that Remco, Almeida and Masnada will not be able to compete against Simon Yates. They can win the race without big mountain stages that come in the third week, but with these stages..But well, let's just wait and see if maybe Remco is a miracle like Pogačar is. I believe he was a miracle before Lombardy injury, but after that...Let's just wait
Yeah, the Spaniards have a great young generation with him and Marque.;)
So Veloso is now riding for Tavira, Federico Figueiredo left Tavira and signed with Efapel (who also signed the TTer/rouleur Reis) and Brandao left Efapel and signed with W52 (feels weird to think that he'll be racing for them instead of against them).
He kind of has to in order to win the Volta, unless they've reclassified 2018 officially to him now, originally they just removed Balarcón. The OFM-Valongo - OFM-Quinta da Lixa - W52-FC Porto lineage has kind of won eight straight, with six different rider, four of which were 1-2s (and even if Balarcón is declassified, they still win 2017 with Antunes thanks to the epic Guarda stage where we watched Tabriz Petrochemical or the Rojas brothers, only it took place in a European race) and two of which were 1-3s.
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Can you point out someone from a start list that is good climber? I have serious problems. Only Kamna seems decent, and also him..If he had some health issues, his form is maybe questionable. Rui Costa, but is also not really a great in climbing anymore.

Maybe even Asgreen could try for a GC here.
The problem is the following week contains the triumvirate of Spanish one day races followed by the Ruta Del Sol.
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