Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 2023, March 20-26

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Jezus nightmare for some of the GC guys today, mainly because of that crash.

Ive said this before, this race doesn't need a final like this. It's a climbers races, let the GC be decided by the climbs instead of nervous finals. But hey, that's just me. I'm not going to say this wasn't way more entertaining than just a normal bunch sprint.
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Has anyone ever gone from not having a sprint at all to being one of the fastest GC riders as rapidly as Evenepoel has? 2019-20 Evenepoel could have started this one in Roglic' wheel and still wouldn't have made the top-5, now he coasts past everyone bar Roglic (who, tbf, was forced to go pretty early) on a hill that probably isn't even half as difficult as the Cauberg. Extraordinary development.
What's funny is Remco trying to bang the bars and missing it.

Roglic " Don't worry Remco, I'll let you win a stage later on in the race, no crying now"