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Vuelta a España - Stage 7 Murcia - Orihuela 187.1km

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Oct 6, 2009
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MTDave said:
What's up with the Zabriskie's half of a mustache?

Pippo has one too. Goes well with his giant fish tattoo. Makes him look like a redneck fisherman from Alabama.
Ney the Viking said:

Also a 2km cobble stretch 2km before the finishline could spice things up, and maybe be enough to keep the bunch at bay if a breakaway reaches that part first.

I have decided to be overly optimistic and predict:
First breakaway get caught on the cat3, luckriders breakaway on the steep part near the top, manage to reach the cobble part ahead of the bunch and just manages to stay clear in a mad dash for the finish line :p

on a more realistic note ... yeah prolly boring bunch sprint, but one can dream no ;)

There's no cobble. Unipublic should put it in the stage, but they didn't. Its a unique road in Spain, and many amateur races use it.
Ferminal said:
Petacchi wins, shut Cav out but he just wasn't quick enough.

Cav got completely boxed, stopped, and still overlapped with Petacchi as they crossed the line.

He's nowhere near his best, but he was quick enough with a free run today.

Well done Petacchi, but there'd be howls of outrage from the usual suspects if Cavendish had veered across the road like that in the space of 50 yards.