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Vuelta a España - Stage 9: Calpe - Alcoi 187.7 km

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Guess the times (yet again) was misleading...If they arrive all together, who are the strongest hill-sprinter? I would say Caruso, Moncoutie or Kadri, but a hard stage like this might have something to say in their sprinting legs.

And Barredo didn't exactly gave us the impression that he was "told to" ease off - it seems he forgot to eat his sugar....
May 8, 2009
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icefire said:
Someone should organise a 1-day race on those roads

Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana will come back next year after it dissapeared some years ago. They will surely use those roads sooner or later. It is not a 1 day race though :)
Oct 29, 2009
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Sneekes said:
How often does Harmon **** up the calculations? Every time it's the slightest bit complicated - he can't handle it!

I think today he went through half the peloton for "x might do it". Right up until the finish. He's not the strongest with times when the computers fail him. He's not the strongest when they are up and running either.
Jul 8, 2010
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Mellow Velo said:
The leaders duke out another tough finish with a net change of nil.

The guy can even do simple subtraction. Nothing new there.

Where is Bruiser?

Overall changes

There has been a change in the overall standings. BRUSEGHIN Marzio (052) was fifth but and drops to eighth. PLAZA MOLINA Ruben (057) is fifth and MOSQUERA MIGUEZ Ezequiel (211) sixth. It a correction in the yesterday's timing.