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Vuelta a España - Stage 9: Calpe - Alcoi 187.7 km

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A new Harmonn classic " And oh my god hes done it, hes done it. Peraud in the leaders jersey. He had 7.02 and they came in at 7.10 Chapeau Peraud"

This can be really really ****ing off when you want an outcome. You think yes, Peraud has it, and then the standings come up and hes a minute down:cool:

Still nothing compared to the " Andy Schleck and Contador have just thrown away the tour" as Menchov and Samu gain 15 seconds back on their 3 minute deficit:cool:

And did J Rod, Anton, Nibali get a few second gap on other contenders?
maltiv said:
Yea what a shame! :p
You're probably not completely serious, but regardless: what happened with Péraud proves I was right! Sort of. Yeah.

I mean, this was the stage for Caisse to get back into the GC. Now Plaza and Bruseghin are still up there, but it's hard to see them as contenders for the overall victory. Imagine if any of them had managed to get in the break with a couple of teammates and they got to the finish line with a couple of minutes on the bunch. It could have happened. It didn't look like Euskaltel were too keen on pulling, nor did anyone else really.

What can I say, I dream of Caisse riders attacking so much they'd scare the hell out of Vino.
Jan 18, 2010
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jens_attacks said:
you were right,that really is the worst type of stage.

so now caisse d'epargne have like 6 guys in the top 20.i didn't see that coming.

Caisse could be having another go at a team prize again. But at least we dont have the sight of a Shack rider chasing them down the whole time.

I'm glad Radioshack are not here because they started to really **** me of at the Tour with their ridiculous tactics.
There has been a change in the overall standings. BRUSEGHIN Marzio (052) was fifth but and drops to eighth. PLAZA MOLINA Ruben (057) is fifth and MOSQUERA MIGUEZ Ezequiel (211) sixth. It a correction in the yesterday's timing.

Unipublic really have their systems FUBARed: even with this announcement Bruzechin was being placed ahead of Roche, and yet although they finished in the same group today, now Roche is one place and 3 seconds ahead. If this race comes down to a matter of seconds in the ITT, it could lose all credibility...
Nov 14, 2009
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could someone please explain to me with marzio bruseghin's GC standings?
After stage 8 he was 1:10 down on Anton, but after stage 9 he is 1:22 down.
He finished in the same time as Anton did, so how come he 'lost' 12 seconds? did someone screw up timing on stage 8?
May 6, 2009
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Viskovitz said:

Thanks, but we are having a hard time with Unipublic. When we're than with them, i promise we would learn french and start to be a pain in the neck of ASO, xDDD.

The Vuelta has improved A LOT with this medium mountain kind of stages (Alcoy, Valdepeñas...) since 2007 (and I reckon, or believe, that we have some influence) but the high mountains...that's another story: there's a lot of mountain top finishes but without any big climbs before.

Anyway, let's hope today we see a great stage, the route is beautiful.

Well keep up the good work. These things don't happen overnight.
May 19, 2010
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Libertine Seguros said:
Actually, this is the timing error from stage 8, yes. He was given the time of Urán (@ 1'48") when he actually finished with the fourth group on the road (@ 2'00"), so he lost those 12 seconds, dropping him behind Plaza and Mosquera on GC.

Roche mentions it here: http://www.independent.ie/sport/oth...emas-family-his-team-and-friends-2326119.html

I found out this morning that the race organisers made a mistake in the general classification after yesterday's stage. The Italian Marzio Bruseghin had finished four places in front of me on the stage but they had given him the same time as the group in front of us, which took 12 seconds off his overall classification. They changed it this morning, so I officially began the stage in seventh place overall, my highest ever position on a Grand Tour.
Aug 4, 2010
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I wonder how often these errors happen in Grand Tours, and if they are always fixed... especially when you hear about these errors or cheating? in many minor races (e.g. this years Danmark Rundt)