Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2019 stage 10: Jurançon-Pau > 36.2km ITT

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Solid drafting effort there from Lopez. Great TT by his standards though, and probably shows that Roglic wasn't out of this world. Not that he needed to be.
Quintana and MAL should never be gc contenders. Every gt should have at least 40 km of time trials ans these dudes can even be decent. Change your focus and try to win the polka dot
Did you enjoy watching Wiggo and Froome annihilate everyone in 2012? I didn't.
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I dunno, as a fan of good racing I think this will create space for more attacks on Roglic. Even if Quintana looked bad in the ITT, he looked fine in the climbing stages and maybe even a touch stronger than Roglic.

Pogacar probably lost 30 seconds or so by going out too fast, but he's clearly in the podium hunt now too.
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I'm more surprised that Lopez was only 20 seconds slower than Valverde. I was sure the difference between them would be more. I guess I was expecting Valverde to be close to +1min than +1:40.
Superman rode a very good time trial by his standards. He measured his effort well and wasn't easy to catch for Roglic in the end. I need to check the numbers but he was very close to Valverde and Pogacar times in the flat section, perhaps even faster.
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