Vuelta a España 2019 stage 18: Communidad de Madrid. Colmenar Viejo -Becerril de la Sierra > 177.5 km

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In fairness to Nélson, he was in the break yesterday and did a LOT of pulling for Quintana.
My point was not to bash Oliveira, rather to make the point about the fatigue from yesterday.
Movistar was offensive yesterday, Astana defensive... both paid the price today. JV had an easier ride, and took advantage of it today.

The other scenario, with Roglic and Pogacar working their asses off yesterday, and Lopez blowing them today might have been far more interesting
Why isn't Majka working?
If Majka had helped just a bit, they could have gained more time.
He couldn't do that. He had a clear plan to outsprint them so he had to cumulate energy.
Ballverde wasn't a problem but he knew Roglic is great wheelsucker so he had to be better in this competition.

Bad, bad Majka. ROTFL