Vuelta a España 2019 stage 8: Valls - Igualada > 166.9 km

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Kinda semi-drunk right now! Can't articulate or force my thoughts in an order! What's the best possible scenario for my man, the Sparrow of Cazoña ? He maybe got a great win, but I don't think that he's out of the competition for KOM or ready to surrender his spoils thus far!
Always nice to see one of the workhorses get a win. Arndt looked like a promising sprinter/time trialist early in his career. Never reached his potential but he improved his climbing and turned into a great helper.

A cannabis farm was raided after a TV helicopter following the Vuelta a Espana captured its location.
Police in Catalonia seized 40 plants in Igualada, near Barcelona, after they were alerted to stage eight footage that showed two rooftop plantations.



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