Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2020: Stage 11 (Villaviciosa › Alto de La Farrapona. Lagos de Somiedo 170km)

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GC guys are boring today
Anglirú tomorrow. That's the problem really. The exact same stage could produce vastly more aggressive racing from them if Anglirú was yesterday and there was a rest day tomorrow, but as it is it's secondary and tertiary contenders who are most active, and I'm sure if they fight out the stage here, Soler and Gaudu will lose any gains they make - and more - tomorrow, which is why the main contenders are content to have a 3km shootout and preserve their strength for tomorrow.

Anglirú stages will be raced the same whatever day they're held on because the MTF is so tough, whereas this stage will be raced very differently depending on where it falls in the race, which is why some of us wanted the stages flipped.