Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2021: Stage 1 (Burgos - Burgos, 7.1 km / Prologue)

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Then Roglic and Pogacar would win every Grand Tour and there would be no suspense or competition unless they were against each other lol...
and that is what it should be. instead of manufactured suspense where someone who is good in only one (and not both) GC skills can be fabricated into a contender based off a route design that does not fulfill the real test of a GT.
Fingers crossed that Rogla winning today means we are spared from my nightmare scenario, Sepp Kuss in red after Picón Blanco.

On the minus side, that likely means Kuss being stapled to Rogla's hip again.
You're a smart woman. Can you tell me a scenario that would make Kuss rise in your esteem?

Or are you just going to twist every single performance into somehow enhancing your weird hatred for him?

I mean, I love Sagan but I understand your dislike there. This just seems so silly...
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I would rather see fabricated GTs where climbers can do something instead of 3 GTs where only 2-3 guys have any chance to win. Time trials are anti-entertainment.
the race of truth, really...?

sure if you want to tip the balance in the favor of the weaker riders.

i like my GTs won by the strongest rider. do not care by how much they win. rather that than wonder why some guy who can either not TT OR not climb well is going to win a GT...

there is a beauty to a rider who can match (or at least come close to) the best climbers and then crush them in a TT. it tells you who is really the best.

question: if roglic finished 46th in every mountain stage, would you think him a deserving winner of the Vuelta...?