Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2021: Stage 1 (Burgos - Burgos, 7.1 km / Prologue)

We're less than 24 hours away from the first rider rolling down the start ramp the entrance of the cathedral, so about time for a thread.

Start order

The route

Very narrow roads to leave the cathedral area, as the route starts to rise almost immediately. Spanish topographical maps aren't that useful for this, so my profile below will probably be less accurate than usual.

The turn from the cobbles to the steep section of the climb is tight, with a 45-degree right-hander immediately backing into a 120-degree turn left onto the road to the castle, so very low speeds to start the punchiest part of the course.

The descent is wider, but features a chicane at the end. The ensuing section is the most suitable for the big engines, before a return to narrow roads to finish back at the cathedral.
Roglic has to be the favorite, but I’m hoping Magnus Cort can pull this out. Am I wrong to think beyond Roglic, no other rider in the field is obviously better in a short TT than Cort?
Cort definitely is up there. I think I'd rate Tratnik slightly higher for tomorrow. Probably should fit Pidcock pretty good as well. Maybe guys like Schachmann and Matthews can finish close.
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I read in an interview that he didn't celebrate his Olympic title too long and focused on his next goals rather quickly. Those are probably the WC and PR though.
Interesting. Could be that he was sandbagging in this interview:

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