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Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 13: Formigal - Col du Tourmalet, 134.7k

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It tops everything, ever, by quite some margin. This is BY FAR harder than anything else we have seen.

The length of the stage, the altitude, no valley in between, the length of all the climbs, the percentages.. if you have 6 climbs linked up like this, and Izoard by far is the weakest one, you know what's up.
What's up is I know I don't have to watch any stage before this because they're all shitting themselves too much.
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In my opinion this stage will deliver. That is at minimum GC favourites will shift some time. If by any chance JV, SOQ or UAE to decide this is the day. Then it will be carnage.
I think the next one will deliver more. This one will reveal Jumbo's tactics though.
Vingegaard and ayuso will be strongest tomorrow, and they will fight for the vuelta.
Yes to the first, no to the latter. Vingegaard will never contest this Vuelta (barring Primoz confusing ski-jumping for cycling once again). Feel free to quote 'n' gloat afterwards if I turn out to be wrong of course ;)
If it ends Sepp Kuss' sojourn in red, the Tourmalet will go some way towards redemption.

Tourmalet does not need redemption. This is what happened last time a GT stage ended on Tourmalet:

I reckon Remco is gonna go a little earlier today to rip up the race. If he can eliminate some of the GC lot today and stay up the pointy end of GC himself, he can maybe work on the leftover GC lot later in the race. Whether he's good enough for that, time will tell. I'm gonna hope Bernal goes in the break and wins.
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