Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 20: Manzanares El Real - Guadarrama, 207.8k

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Allow me to introduce you to the world of Formula 1, and why I don't watch it anymore.
It won't last. I never liked Sky or now Jumbo's dominance either. But I still followed the sport knowing eventually the sport reaches a new equilibrium.

Football thrives and in that sport the richest stay rich. Only when a Russian Oligarch or Middle East Oil tycoon decides to invest in a team does someone else win.
Jumbo Visma soon won‘t dominate the sport, any more.

Dominate will who have most money. I think Ineos and UAE will buy best riders, to soon win all GTs.

Jumbo is just a supermarket chain/group. They cannot pay big salaries. And Jumbo will stop after 2024.
Whatever happens to sponsorship the management has cards to play. The cost to transfer either Vingo or Roglic will be to any team that wants them will be high. Being cynical; maybe they hoped to be able to shop Roglic and encourage him to go in the process. Re-tool with more younger, less expensive phenoms. If that happens I wouldn't be shocked.
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