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Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 7: Utiel - Oliva, 200.8k

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Funny how riders would rather come 10th at a race than peak for another and win it all
Well, really its riders who would love to have a HUGE breakout at the TdF (or other big race). Coming in 10th is a step in that direction.

People make it seem like (pick your favorite sprinter) is 10% better than the next 10 sprinters when in reality they are all within 1%.
Then, there's a big left-hander at just 300 metres from the line, the stage winner will probably come through it in second or third wheel.
Chapeau Geoffrey Soupe & TE! - Devil's Elbow had it right, dive bomb the corner then ride like the clappers to hang on, and he did! Otherwise a messy sprint with guys all across the road, but understandable with all the crashes.
Talking of which, Ineos must be suffering from some voodoo with first Thomas (would not be surprised if he's a DNS tomorrow (Saturday)) bashing his knee and then Arensman going off in an ambulance. Looks like it'll be stage hunting for Ineos now.
What Vingegaard was doing going for bonus seconds (or points?) at the intermediate sprint is a good question - boredom maybe?!:)
Art. 2.6.027 Rider who was victim of an incident in the last 3 kms is credited with the time of the group he was in at the time of the incident, 4h56’29”26 VALTER, Attila, JUMBO-VISMA

Art. 2.12.7; 8.3Disposing waste outside the litter zones, unidentified rider. D.S. SHEFER, Alexandr UCI ID 10036107222, ASTANA QAZAQSTAN TEAMD.S. PEREZ, Ruben UCI ID 10003358810, BURGOS-BH Fine 500 CHF

Art. 2.12.7; 8.6 Inappropriate behaviour (urinating in public during the race) 134 JOHANSEN, Julius UCI ID 10015221102, INTERMARCHÉ-CIRCUS-WANTY & 214 BARRENETXEA GOLZARRI, Jon UCI ID 10040454741 CAJA RURAL-SEGUROS RGA Fine 200,00 CHF

STAGE 8ª: DÉNIA – XORRET DE CATÍ. COSTA BLANCA INTERIOR. Feeding will be allowed from km 20 to 7 km from the finish line.

Medical release
.Km 60.2 fall with several riders of the Ineos team, cures to the numbers 31 and38 who continue in the race, sending the first número 31 to radiological study at the end of the stage.

Km 197 fall of rider 32 suffers craneofacial trauma and clavicle. He is transferred by ambulance to the hospital for study and treatment.
Thomas to x-rays & broken bones for Arensmen?
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Arensman is okay! Ish...