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Vuelta a España Vuelta a España 2023, stage 7: Utiel - Oliva, 200.8k

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Super win for Soupe but I was very surprised at just how muted his celebrations were given that his palmares is that of a journeyman. It's good to see a relatively unheralded rider getting a huge win in a Grand Tour rather than all the top riders. Much rather that than seeing Groves or any other sprinter win every single sprint finish, that's just boring.
Did you see the video of him after the finish waiting to hear who won? Then they all jumped for joy when they got the news.
And that in turn applies the other way around as well? Thus others are free to tell you to stop, and if you don't like it you can just use the ignore feature.
If you are being racist or justifying racism (hurr durr, every tanned guy with a beard is a terrorist) be prepared to be called out. If you behave like scum dont be surprised if other people dont like it. Feel free to check my post for accuracy.
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What if it's Sagan in disguise?

Well, except from an aerodynamic perspective. Dave Brailsford must be having a seizure at him winning a sprint with that at the same time that Ineos' marginal gains have turned to major losses.
Beards are more aero.

Quickstep knew this already but after rubbing mustard into Remco's chin for some years, they gave up and asked Specialized to develop somthing similar!