Vuelta a San Juan 2023 (January 22-29)

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The last two days because of things, had to watch on replay. Today got to see the canned images and the mellifluous sounds of Kirby :) filling when the race images were absent. This would have been a good-ish stage if only we got all the coverage we deserve. :) I hope the finish is a good one. Anytime the Peloton gets broken up is generally a good day. I wasn't expecting this but it good it worked for the Race.
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That's some horrible wind. Wish I knew what was going on in the race, having tuned in 15 minutes ago. There's a break? Is there a finish line? The broadcasters seem unaware of how far away it might be.
The break was absorbed Sam was in it and apparently Bernal but that was because of the organizer having him getting points on the road. Half of the Peloton was dropped on the hardest climb. :)