Vuelta a San Juan 2023 (January 22-29)

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What was that!? People in the middle of the road where Remco stopped pulling.
The route went right where Evenepoel stopped pulling, but Evenepoel (and part of the rest of the peloton) went left. So I guess we'll have a new quote to add to these two:
(before anyone yells at me: yes, this one was on the organisers and not on him or any other rider)
Not sure if this is the best stage race for Evenepoel. On such sprinters dominated stage profiles i somehow doubt he will be able to help much in regards to being a part of a sprint train. And there is one stage that will likely decide GC. And here i feel that somebody like López has much more to prove. But that is not the main issue i see. The main issue i see is high risk of crashes. Like 80% of stages have a high risk of crash. And this is in my opinion just not worth it. For somebody like Evenepoel. On the pros side. He will likely get some fans for participating. Bennett will likely try to dominate this race. Nice win for Bennett on stage 1.
It was indeed a very chaotic finale - not just the last k, but also those before. It wasn't clear where the riders' space was and where spectators and cars belonged. I love to see races outside of Europe, would wish there were more big races in countries like Argentina, but that just doesn't look like the organizers knew what they were doing. I could anticipate the crash a few seconds before, which is never a good sign for the organizers.

I don't know what Evenepoel/SOQ were doing though, contrary to what Evenepoel said it didn't look like they had the best strategy. Actually a very good result to get second with Morkov under these circumstances.
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To me it looked like Evenepoel was just swinging off to the left, ending his turn on the front, and those who followed were trapped without a pacemaker.

But Welsford still finished 11th, although he said that he was affected as well. So not sure it really was necessary for the others to immediately sit up.
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