Vuelta a San Juan 2023 (January 22-29)

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Congrats to Jakobsen for taking stage 2. Today Evenepoel was used in an optimal way. First to put other sprinters in a bit of difficulty and soon after to move away rather early. For the rest of the sprint train to do its job. He not getting injured. And they did a good job. A strong sprint train. Bennett didn't have a real chance today. Roads were open and the bunch got reduced. Hence safety was less of an issue today. I guess we could say a boring stage race. But it depends. If you like sprinting you will for sure enjoy it. And then there is that stage GC guys will go all in. On top of that scenery and music of epic proportions. That is how likely Remco feels right now.

Anyway. I feel that both Jakobsen and Bennett could grab up to two more stage wins. Hence i hope the remaining stage will be won by somebody else. If i have to pick one i will cheer for Sagan.
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Jan 1, 2018
Good result for Andresen today as 7th.

At least we have a lot of great sprinters in this race. But at least 1-2 harder finishes wouldnt have changed that much and would have made the race way more interesting
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Why the hyphen?

I think the UAE Tour is a much better watch than this. They actually do have graphics, they even have colours instead of the omnipresent greyness going on in the San Juan coverage, they have relatively safer finishes and then of course also more than one non-sprint stage.
One is an RCS race backed by filthy wealthy turbans, while the other is a race organized by your local San Juan butcher in the middle of nowhere. Of course production and infrastructure is a difference of night and day.