Vuelta Ciclista a Asturias

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Broco now looks like he's having to work harder than Zaballa to stay with the Spaniard... 3km to go.

Santí is apparently back.

Javier Moreno Bazan, Suárez, and Santí Pérez have all now bridged up to Zaballa and Broco.

Moreno making Zaballa suffer.

Apparently it's Sérgio Sousa, not Santí. Santí is apparently over 2 minutes down. WTF.

Broco and Suárez really having to fight hard to stay on.
Last km now!

Zaballa attacks again! He's really full of it today!

Looks like it's finally broken Broco. Suárez too. Zaballa, Moreno and Sousa up the front.

Sérgio Sousa leading everybody... Javier Moreno attacks and that looks decisive.

Yes, big gap opened now.


Sousa +8"
Zaballa +13"
well at least broco is looking good for the volta. should be fun to watch his battle with andre cardoso.

i only wish cardoso was here today. he would kill all competition :(

ya ticker must be wrong. sousa is the road the champ and has a very nice jersey to show it :)

other pic was too big
Yes, very pleased with Broco's showing. He isn't afraid to mix things up early either (after all he attacked on the Alto Campanhó last year to hold on on the Senhora da Graça), good rider to have around for entertainment's sake.

Very impressed with Sérgio Sousa. He seems to be very good in bad weather.
Moreno also takes the lead of the GC, a great ride from him.

Broco & Suárez lost 34".

1 Javier Moreno (CJR) ESP
2 Sérgio Sousa (BEF) POR +7"
3 Constantino Zaballa (MIE) ESP +13"
4 Hernâni Broco (LAR) POR +34"
5 Juan Pablo Suárez (EPM) COL +st
6 Victor de la Parte (CJR) ESP +1'35"
7 Luís Pasamontes (MOV) ESP +1'40"
8 Fredy Piamonte (EPM) COL +2'08"
9 José Herrada (CJR) ESP +2'22"
10 Carlos Oyarzún (MOV) CHI +2'40"

1 Javier Moreno (CJR) ESP
2 Constantino Zaballa (MIE) ESP +13"
3 Sérgio Sousa (BEF) POR +36"
4 Hernâni Broco (LAR) POR +47"
5 Luís Pasamontes (MOV) ESP +1'40"
6 Juan Pablo Suárez (EPM) COL +1'46"
7 José Herrada (CJR) ESP +2'17"
8 Giovanny Báez (EPM) COL +4'00"
9 Stefan Schumacher (MIE) GER +4'07"
10 Gorka Izagirre (EUS) ESP +4'33"

Schumacher leads the Points competition.
Sérgio Sousa is King of the Mountains.
Pablo Urtasun is the leader of the Metas Volantes.
José Luís Cano is the leader of the Intervuelta.
hrotha said:
Nice ride by Víctor de la Parte. He's starting to show, already did pretty good TTs here and in Castilla y León, and now this.
I think Caja Rural have looked at the calendar, seen that this is likely to be less strongly attended than, say, Castilla y León, and put a big X next to it on the calendar. Moreno, de la Parte and Herrada have all looked very strong this week.
Mar 31, 2010
suarez crashed during fridays itt and was hurt by it yesterday. but does someone know what happened behind the attackers?? where did paimonte and baez come from?? they rode away from peloton??
Mar 31, 2010
it seems they really ****ed up tactics because suarez was in leading group that wasn't feeling too well and behind baez kicked everyone's *** on the alto de acebo but the gap was already way too big but taking 1 minute on santi perez is impressive